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The Structure of Coach Grades for Archery GB

There are several grades of coach qualified to deliver training and mentoring ranging from basic beginner instruction to international elite training. For the general requirements of achieving and maintaining a coach grade please see our general coach information page.


The Archery GB Instructor (previously the GNAS Leader) grade is intended for non-archers wishing only to teach (not coach) archery at leisure centres, schools or youth organisations, etc. This grade is not part of the Archery GB coaching structure and is therefore not regarded as a coach grade but is included here for completeness as the Martlets Guild welcomes “Instructors” as members. For more information see Archery GB's Instructor Award description (opens in new window)page.

Level 1 Coach

The Level 1 course will help you to learn how to deliver both single coaching sessions and a 6-week beginners' course.

It consists of 3 days of tuition plus 1 assessment day, delivered over a 12-week period. Between day 2 and assessment, you will also complete 12 hours of supported practice comprising teaching and coaching including 3 hours minimum with a Mentor, for example at your club. This is where you will start to put into practice the skills you are learning, coaching new archers and recording your activity as part of a course portfolio. Trainees must agree with the Tutor a suitable Mentor to guide you. For more information see Archery GB's Level 1 Coach description (opens in new window)page.

Although highly recommended, a Level 1 Coach is not currently required to gain CPD points unless they wish to keep up to date or progress to Level 2.

Level 2 Coach

The next grade is Level 2 and consists of 6 days of training plus a minimum of 14 hours homework and 24 hours of supported practice followed by an assessment which should take about 2½ hours. During this assessment you will actually coach one of your regular archers for 30 minutes as part of a series of linked coaching sessions followed by observing a new archer as if you were starting a coaching relationship to improve them. You will then be questioned on both these sessions.
You will learn in a supportive and friendly environment, with up to 12 coaches per course.

You will develop knowledge and practical experience in the following areas:

For more information see Archery GB's Level 2 Coach description (opens in new window)page.

A Level 2 Coach must attain at least 15 CPD points in each 3 year period for renewal.

County Coach

County Coach is the next level that you can aspire to and should have a minimum of 8 days training followed by a whole day assessment. During the assessment you will observe unknown archers with a view to starting a new coaching relationship and questioned on how and what you could do to improve them. This normally involves archers in two different bow styles. Technical knowledge of all types of equipment and bows will be questioned.

The County Coach modules covered by the course are:

For more information see Archery GB's County Coach description (opens in new window)page.

A County Coach must attain at least 20 CPD points in each 3 year period for renewal.

Senior Coach

The top grade is Senior Coach. This course is delivered from a central location and requires attendance at various training weekends over a period of 2 years.

The Senior Coach Modules covered on the course are:

Modules 8 and 9 are assessed by Senior Coach Assessors. The Final Suitability Assessment is by in-depth interview by Senior Coach Assessment Panel.

A Senior Coach must attain at least 25 CPD points in each 3 year period for renewal.