String Making Workshops feedback

As our re-worked String Making Workshops have ended, we’d like to share a bouquet of feedback with you.
Thank you all for attending!

Thanks for the great day on string making, it was excellent and I learnt a lot, well done.
I did take some pictures of the main jig with a view to making one, but did not write down the dimensions. If you have a list of measurements I would be grateful. Any other courses that you do run I would be interested to know about, please.

Thanks again & keep safe,
Regards Tony


Can I say on behalf of Bertie and myself that this was one of the most engaging and interesting things we’ve been to. it was very well run by two knowledgeable people and yes, interested to do more string making in the future (although whether I’ll ever manage the Flemish Twist I have no idea).

I thought the low numbers of participants were actually an advantage as it felt quite a lot like 1-2-1 teaching and everything was explained clearly, I’d always thought string making was a dark art. Very keen to try and get out and try the actual string this weekend if possible – then I’ll know if it works 🙂

Thanks to you both, very keen to sign up for Barebow tuning and would be interested in anything “longbow” once I actually buy one (Bertie has one).

Thanks again,
Bertie and Simon


Many thanks for organising the course.  It was great to have a refresh from several years ago, and learn something new. I would like to thank you for being so conscientious regarding covid and hand sanitisers and distancing etc.

Much looking forward to the next course – Barebow tuning 🤗👍😉


I really enjoyed the String Making Workshop, only criticism is that I am dyslexic, and I struggled to read the italic writing on the handouts.
But will understand it eventually. 

In the future I would be interested in a Recurve Bow Tuning Workshop.

Many thanks
Richard Bartlett


I really enjoyed it and I said as much on our Newhaven Whatsapp group, to encourage others. I don’t think it could have been any better or gone any better. Really good price at a good time for a weekend. [I’m] Not an early riser at weekends! I suppose if I had one comment, more light would have been good for some people, [though] it was fine where I was. I ended up with a very useable string and a new life skill for £8.00. Perfect.

Thank you both very much
Stephen Britt


It was really a great experience, all very professionally done and interesting especially under difficult times!
Both where great with helping out if we were stuck/needed a hand and also answering questions!
Was for myself a real eye opener to strings, as ever looking into it or thought about making them myself. 

Have to say can’t really think of anything to be done differently or any changes.

Possibly some information about if you have not got a string you know the spec of, where to start i.e. the length of string, number of strands to use (was sort of covered that part) etc.

Best Regards
Martin (marty) Cumming