Currently our coaching workforce numbers in excess of 60 with:

1 x Senior Coach (Philip van Buren)

7 x County Coaches (Iain Cadle, Sue Habgood, Sue Mangan, Malcolm Higman, Neil Samson, Colin Ford, Graham Devenish)

9 x Level 2 (Development) Coaches

50+ x Level 1 Coaches (including 6 new in session)

Apart from Philip, Dave & Iain who are our main Coach Developers, all Senior and County Coaches are performance coaches as well. However, several Level 2 Coaches are also adept at performance coaching.

Besides Senior & County Coaches, all our Level 2 coaches should also be available to Mentor any Level 1 Coach wishing to rise up the levels, providing they have attended a Mentoring CPD-workshop run by the Guild or AGB. This will also apply to the new Coaching Framework training courses (from 2020) for the new replacement Coaching grades:

Session Coach (L1) , Development Coach (L2) & Programme Coach (L3).

If you need coaching assistance in your club and feel the support of a more senior coach will be a benefit, just email our CCO, and she will pass on your request and put you in touch accordingly.